Michael J. Gray

Founder, Chairman, and President

Amanda Beatrice Rose Gray

July 12, 1994 – January 11, 2018


Mr. Gray is the CEO of Actus Analytical, Inc., which develops spectroscopy solutions for public safety compliance, illicit drug detection, agricultural productivity, and other applications.

Michael and his wife Nancy founded The Actus Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, in 2018. The Actus Foundation advocates for solutions to treating entirety of the Drug Death Crisis problem in America, including the largely forgotten constituency of intermittent users. He then founded, with partner Ed Kobilis in 2019, The Fentanyl Awareness Coalition – a coalition of tens of thousands of advocates in the US. Michael is a popular speaker, offering unique analyses and suggestions for creative solutions to a new problem, i.e., an old problem with a recently altered paradigm. Michael walks participants through the murky world of the drug problem clarifying the threat and dispelling myths. The Actus Foundation also advocates for the mentally ill, striving to deliver the message that mental illness is a disease that entire family suffers, and suffers in isolation; there are no well-worn paths to solutions available to those in chronic states of mental illness. For all our success in medical science – diagnostic practices, treatment/care and patient advocacy – our nation has left behavioral science in the stone age. Our practice of psychiatric care – diagnostic practices, treatment/care and patient advocacy – is the ugly stepchild hidden in the attic as the country proudly displays her medical science wonders to the world.

In addition to advocacy, Mr. Gray is offering his 35 years of professional expertise in the world of scientific instrumentation as another element of his work on behalf of the victims of overdose. As the Interdict Law and other legislative activity considers nascent technological advances in the ability to detect illicit drugs at the street level, Michael adds his professional expertise to that debate. With experience in the areas of Infrared Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry, Michael is participating in the development and deployment of portable testing for narcotics, at the field level, as a means of confirming suspected illegal substances and protecting First Responders.


Marlyse Williams

PR, Media & Outreach Director

Logan Williams

April 9, 2003 – April 2, 2020


Marlyse Williams is the mother of Logan Williams, who tragically died at age sixteen of Fentanyl
Poisoning on April 2, 2020.

Logan was a successful actor and appeared on many TV shows such as the long running Hallmark
series When Calls the Heart and most notably played the young Barry Allen on the hit CW TV show
The Flash. Logan is the face of the Paradigm Shift with 90% of the toxic drug deaths being Fentanyl related.
Marlyse is a great advocate for spreading Fentanyl awareness through social media, interviews, podcasts, and speaking engagements. Whether it’s being a guest on popular news interviews or speaking at high schools… the message is clear FENTANYL KILLS! There is no time for an intervention, a talk, waiting to get into a treatment facility as Fentanyl doesn’t wait. “Not my Kid” are the three most dangerous words a parent can think. Marlyse is determined to help save other Logan’s from losing their lives to this enormous epidemic. She runs a local grief group called Healing Hearts for bereaved parents who have lost their children to the toxic drug supply. Sadly, she has noticed a huge increase in new parents joining, kids as young as thirteen are dying. It truly does not matter what race, age, gender, rich, poor, two parent, single parent or upbringing your kid has had… They are a target and could be a victim to this crisis!

Drug Injury is the leading cause of death in North America between the ages 18-49! This is not only alarming but very important that the unsuspecting kid or parent is aware of Fentanyl and how it is deceptively counterfeited in almost every drug. Marlyse is thrilled to be working with the Fentanyl Awareness Coalition (The-FAC) team and the founder Michael Gray to create Fentanyl awareness and educate on the Paradigm Shift.


Stephanie Hellstern

Marketing Communications Director

Kyle Sexton

Nov 29, 2003 -July 14, 2020


Stephanie Hellstern lost her precious son Kyle Shane Sexton at the very young age of sixteen from a Fentanyl Poisoning. Kyle was a sophomore at Brewer High School and was a very smart, loving, and outgoing kid who loved the outdoors, Mustang cars, and motorcycles. Kyle is unfortunately the face of the new Paradigm shift. Kyle was not a substance user and tried One pill that he thought was a Percocet “Perc”.

After losing her only child, Stephanie has jumped full force and started a non-profit called Kyle Still Speaks to bring much needed attention to “One Fake Pill Can Kill”! She also started a local grief group for other parents who have lost their loved ones to the Fentanyl epidemic. Stephanie’s background is in Marketing, Counseling, and Communications. With these skills she has managed to start the conversation with local politicians such as Governor Greg Abbott. She spoke passionately and advocated to introduce the “Drug Induced Homicide Law” in Texas which is under review and was surprised to see that this law is ONLY in 25 states.

Stephanie is thrilled to be the Marketing Communications Director at FAC and is looking forward to working with the FAC Team to ensure every American knows about the Fentanyl Epidemic and together hopes to prevent these tragic needless deaths so no one else endures what they have as parents.


Edward Kobilis

Founder, President, and Director of Member Services

Edward Kobilis

June 1, 1998- July 4, 2019


A grieving parent of a 20-year-old son Eddie, Ed has committed himself to informing and educating the public about the dangers of fentanyl and how it has " changed everything". " We need a massive national awareness campaign. This New Paradigm of Death is unlike anything we've ever experienced before. Kids are dying from a single pill".

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